SLAMKA & Partners Law Office Ltd and  its  partners have represented interests of their clients already  more than 23 years.

Our  clients are  companies from the  fields of:

  • Oil and gas production, energy – Cooperation with  clients in  many  projects of  construction  and  operation of  solar  power  stations, biogas power stations. Currently our law office provides complete legal consulting to one of  the greatest mining companies in the  Slovak  Republic with  the  foreign investor participation, in particular in  the  field of land law, property right as  well as representing client  in proceedings before court and state and local administrative bodies as well as in  administrative proceedings
  • Furniture  industry – complex legal services in all areas of law to one of  the  biggest seller for furniture fittings, furniture doors  and  accessories in the  Slovak  and the Czech Republic.
  • Clothing industry – complex legal services in all areas of law to  one of  the biggest producers and seller of  clothing for  skiing, hiking all  over  the  world  with  the  seat  in  Great  Britain.
  • Pharmacy, health care and  medical aids,   hygiene – complex legal services at the establishment of one of  the  greatest drug distribution company in  the  Slovak  Republic, as well as it  provides  complex legal services  to  one of  the  greatest  producers of medical aids and hygiene in the  Slovak Republic focusing  on  contract law in Europe  as well as  in Asia.
  • Information technologies  the law  office provided legal services  to  some start-ups in  area of  IT with  focus  on investment.
  • construction – legal  services to one  of the  greatest  construction companies  in the Slovak  Republic and participated  in some  important projects.
  • Agriculture,  European Funds and grants – legal services to companies  and  cooperatives in area of agriculture as well as to self-employed farmers
  • Waste management – preparation of  complete legal  analysis of  contracts between company  with 100 %  share  of  the town and organization of producer responsibility.

SLAMKA & Partners law Office Ltd and  its  partners provide legal sevices also for  other  organizations  and associations as  follows :

  • Association of  hunters – legal services to  many hunting  associations in  the  fields of  establishment or  disappearance of  hunting  grounds, advice on meetings of owners  of hunting  lands and  representing before state administrative bodies.
  • Non- profit  organizations, civic associations, funds and we  have  provided legal  services and  consulting to  one of  the biggest  registered churches in the  Slovak  Republic –legal consulting to  many  non-profit  legal persons, as well as  property managment  for one of  the  biggest churches in the  Slovak  Republic
  • Primary producers – legal services in trademark registration for one  of traditional products of  the Slovak  Republic – sheep cheese / bryndza/.